How to Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Office 2013

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is missing in Microsoft Office 2013 software. To get back its image editing features onto your Windows 8/7 computer, such as auto correct, crop, red-eye removal, resize and rotate, try the tips.

* You need the previous Office suite setup such as Office 2010, 2007 or 2003. It doesn’t break the activation of Office 2013. Double-click the Office installer, enter your product key and click on “Customize” button.
* Under the “customize how Microsoft Office programs run”, go to in “Office Tools” section, click on “Microsoft Office Picture Manager” program link and select “Run from My Computer”. Then click on other programs link, like Excel, Outlook, Shared feature, and select “Not Available” one by one.
* Click “Install Now” button at the bottom to start the installtion.


6 thoughts on “How to Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Office 2013

  1. Copied ClipArt from MS Word. 95% of options are grayed out. I need to be able to flip the picture, and then print out onto tee shirt.

  2. Thanks for the very useful tip. But after sometime, I had problems with file associations – when I click on Word document, or Excel Spreadsheet, or PowerPoint deck, it never opened. I had to start respective application (Word, Excel, etc.) and then choose the file I want to open. Upon checking I found that I found 2 versions of Office on my PC, both 2013 and 2010. So I had to uninstall both and re-install. I was very surprised how Office 2010 version was installed on my PC. I kind of figured out that Windows Update went ahead and installed SP2 of Ofiice2010 which could have brought back the old version and caused the issue. Now I am careful to manually control Windows Updates to avoid installing any updates for Office 2010. Windows update is not smart. Just because I have installed Picture Manager from Office 2010, it installs all updates for Office 2010.

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