How to Fix Windows 8 WiFi Off problem on Surface Pro

I recently have trouble with my wifi not working issues on Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet. WiFi is disconnected and turned off, and become greyed out in the metro interface. When I access the network connection panel, amber “Wi-Fi (Off)” is listing in the indicator. Try pressing FN-F12 combination from type cover, turning Airplane Mode off/on and restarting the Surface but still not working. All drivers are up to date and running Windows troubleshooting failes to solve the problem. Is there a solution for that?

How to Fix Windows 8 WiFi Off problem on Surface Pro* Swipe in from the right-panel of start screen to open charms bar.
* Tap/Click Settings > Change PC Settings at the bottom of the bar.
* Select “Wireless” within the PC Settings, and toggle the Wi-Fi back on. That should be caused by airplan mode.

Now my Surface works perfect for three weeks.


5 thoughts on “How to Fix Windows 8 WiFi Off problem on Surface Pro

  1. Well I just joined the Surface Pro to our domain did a restart and the wifi is not coming on. Nor can I sign in because it is network dependent for authorizations. what can I do?

  2. We’re in the same situation. We’ve tried several procedures / reg-edits that worked with Windows 7 that turns on the wifi at startup to no avail.

    Any advice would be great!

  3. You have NO idea of how thankful I am!! I had tried everything, from reinstalling drivers to system restoring back to factory settings and nothing worked-
    but this did and I can’t believe how silly it was. Thank you so so so much!!!

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