How to Enable Remote Desktop in Surface Pro Windows 8

Windows feature Remote Desktop lets you access a remote PC and help IT administrator control multiple computers on a network simultaneously. If your friend or family need some tech support with Surface Pro Windows 8, you can use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) software to take control of their tablet.

How to Enable Remote Desktop in Surface Pro Windows 8
* From Start screen, swipe in from right-panel to open charms bar, tap on Search and type “remote”. Then tap Settings and choose “Allow remote access to your computer” from the results.
* You can also open desktop Control Panel, click System and Security > Allow remote access.
* In the System Properties window, go to Remote tab and check “Allow remote connections to this computer” under Remote Assistance. Check “Allow remote connections to this computer” and “Allow connections only from computer running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended). > click Apply button.
If your Surface Pro is in power saver mode, you need to change the configuration in Windows Power Options.


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