How to create ghost Windows 8 image on Surface Pro

Norton Ghost 15 is not compatible with Windows 8 and won’t backup the boot Partition. Ghost 15 is rather old technology. If you want to create ghost windows 8 image on Surface Pro to a new SSD drive or other disk as backup, you might look at the commercial side.

True Image 2013 by Acronis will meet your requirements and does support W8. Here is alternative Norton Ghost solution about how to create Your Windows 8 Imageon Surface Pro using Acronis software.
* Open the True Image 2013, go to “Tools and Utilities” tab and click “Clone Disk”
* With the wizard, select Automatic mode > hard drive as the source > Next > new hard drive as the destination > Next > OK (Waring: it will delete all data on the new drive) > Proceed. It will start the cloning of Windows 8 and has a reboot during the cloning process.


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