How to Boot from USB Drive on Surface Pro

I have a SanDisk Cruzer Edge USB Flash Drive. It is bootable and works fine with my Windows 8 computer and I want to use it with my tablet. How can I Boot from USB on Surface Pro?

* Hold Volume Up key from the device to power it on. Put your USB drive into the USB 3.0 port.
* From start screen, open charms bar, tap Settings > Change PC Settings > General > “Restart Now” button under Advanced Startup.
* Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings >
Reboots into startup setting screen
* In Startup Setting screen, disable early launch anti-malware protection. Shuts down and turn it on again.
* Do the step 2 again. In options screen, tap on Use a device > UEFI: *** (like UEFI: SanDisk Cruzer 1.26).


2 thoughts on “How to Boot from USB Drive on Surface Pro

  1. I followed the instructions to the letter for removing the U3 interface on my SanDisk USB drive, cleaned and set up the drive with diskpart using the Deployment and Imaging Tools, and successfully created a bootable USB drive by using the Makewinpemedia /ufd C:\image location Q:…. and even when i am inside the start up options and choose the sandisk drive to boot from in the menu it looks like it accesses the drive and then just bypasses it and goes right past into Windows 8…how frusterating and complex can they make it i mean really. I need to get this working because we have a custom image that we need to put on the tablet via MDT2010.

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