How to access BIOS UEFI firmware on Surface Pro

I have just got my Surface Pro tablet but can’t find a way to access the BIOS like on my Windows 7 computer. Hitting “Del” is not working to get in to the BIOS setting.

The actual BIOS is replaced by the UEFI firmware on Windows 8 OS. UEFI is Unified Extensible Firmware Interface and comes with many great features.

How to access BIOS UEFI firmware on Surface Pro
* Swipe in from the right edge and select Settings. Tap Change PC Settings > General, and tap “Restart now” under Advanced Startup.
* While you have booted into the “Choose an option” screen, tap Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings, and then tap on “Restart” button.
* Surface will reboot to an all black screen with two options: Security Device Support, Secure Boot Control.

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