Handwriting recognition in Onenote 2013

The inclusion of OneNote in the Office 2013 version ont only allows users to store and organize information, but also supports improving Ink support, with full handwriting recognition. You can use finger, mouse, or a stylus to write something, then OneNote will convert the handwriting to editable text. It supports multiple languages handwriting, such as English (U.S.), English (U.K.), Chines, French, German, Korean and Spanish.

In Onenote 2013, select the handwriting and then tap “Convert Handwriting to Text” on the Tools menu. OneNote determines whether you are writing in a language or drawing a image. If it classifies your writing as a drawing mistakenly, smiply select Pen Mode on the Tools menu to force classify your ink appropriately.

The digital pen coming with Surface Windows 8 Pro also works great with Onenote 2013.

A few people report that no convert to text menu in the inscrutable tablet version on Surface 3 Pro. It seems that the Modern App Tile doesn’t support the handwriting feature. You can try handwriting panel through the touch keyboard.
* Tap on the keyboard icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
* Select Keyboard > Handwriting. Within the the handwriting panel, now you are able to use the pen to write something and then your words will be convertsed to text automatically and quickly.
* Another way is to install the Windows Journal app and it works fine for me.

If you would like to personalize handwriting in Windows 8.1, type Control Panel from searching box, and select it from results. Then go to Clock, Language and Region > Language > Language options, and configure what you need.


11 thoughts on “Handwriting recognition in Onenote 2013

  1. Can the surface pro recognize individual letters or only full words? Thinking of ways to bypass the language limitations. Anyhow, it, at least in theory, would be a nice feature.

  2. Like several previous respondents I have a brand new surface pro 4, and the one note menu (Draw) does not support any of the essential procedures to recognise hand writing. There is also no clear option to check for updates.

    Why has there been no input from Microsoft to give us an official work around or to fix this problem.

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