Guest Account Cannot Access Internet on Surface Pro Windows 8

I am the administrator and have created a guest account for my child on my Surface Pro. The guest account only have limited access to the installed app on the tablet. My child login to the Windows 8 and open IE 10, but it could not access internet connection. Changing to my account and the WiFi connection works fine. Is there a system feature or any third party app to Enable Wireless Internet Access for the Guest Account of Windows 8 Pro?

How to make a Guest Account using the Internet on Surface Pro
First Enable The Guest Account For Temporary Access. Because by default the guest account is turned off by system.
* press the Win + X on your keyboard or right-click the Start button, and select Computer Management from Power Tool
* Expand the Local Users and Groups container, select the Users folder.
* Double clcik on the Guest account to open its Properties, uncheck disable box and click OK.

Then configure the Family Safety
* For Windows 8.1/8, Open “Control Panel” from desktop, or from search charms bar of start screen.
If you are using the Windows 10, right click on Start menu and select the Control Panel from menu.
* Click “User Accounts” > Family Safety, turn on Family Safety and choose the guest account > Enter the admin password if prompted.
* Click on the “Allow and block specific programs” link under Windows Settings > User can only use the programs I allow > check the box next to IE program and other that you allows he/she to use.


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