Guest Account Cannot Access Internet on Surface Pro Windows 8

I am the administrator and have created a guest account for my child on my Surface Pro. The guest account only have limited access to the installed app on the tablet. My child login to the Windows 8 and open IE 10, but it could not access internet connection. Changing to my account and the WiFi connection works fine. Is there a system feature or any third party app to Enable Wireless Internet Access for the Guest Account of Windows 8 Pro?

How to make a Guest Account using the Internet on Surface Pro
* Open “Control Panel” from desktop, or from search charms bar of start screen.
* Click “User Accounts” > Family Safety, turn on Family Safety and choose the guest account > Enter the admin password if prompted.
* Click on the “Allow and block specific programs” link under Windows Settings > User can only use the programs I allow > check the box next to IE program and other that you allows he to use.

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