Function (Fn) keys for Surface Type/Touch cover keyboard

The Type/Touch cover keyboard coming with the Surface Pro/RT lack a row of independent function keys (F1 to F12), as well as on my computer’s standard keyboard. How can I map the F1 – F12 function keys? I really need to use the function keys.

You need to use the Fn keys toggling the top row of keys on Type Cover to perform the followingFunction keys:

Fn + Mute: F1. Open the Microsoft Windows help and support center.
Fn + Volume Down: F2. Highlight icon, file, or folder to rename it.
Fn + Volume Up: F3. Open a search feature for programs.
Fn + Play/Pause: F4. Open the address bar in Windows Explorer and IE.
Fn + Search: F5. Refresh or reload the web page within Internet browser.
Fn + Connect: F6. Move the cursor to the Address bar.
Fn + Devices: F7. Make a spell check in MS Office document.
Fn + Settings: F8
Fn + Home: F9
Fn + End: F10. Activates the menu bar of opening application.
Fn + Page Up: F11. Full-screen mode.
Fn + Page Down: F12. “Save as” window in Microsoft Word.
Fn + Up arrow: Page up
Fn + Down arrow: Page Down
Fn + Left arrow: Home
Fn + Right arrow: End

8 thoughts on “Function (Fn) keys for Surface Type/Touch cover keyboard

  1. Yes, exactly. So how do I get the function keys to behave as function keys should? I don’t need the volume control etc. and if I did why not just press the FN key next to alt? And what is that FN key doing there anyway since it seems stuck?

    • Press Fn + Caps to switch to F-keys by default! :D You can now use your F-keys normally without holding Fn!

      I think they just made a driver update with this on Surface Pro with Type Cover.

  2. I could not agree more. They have just totally changed how this use to work on EVERY SINGLE keyboard ever used in a WINDOWS environment. What were they thinking?

  3. I got to say this has been something that has made me upset for months, This is the second time I have had to go back and find this information (thanks heaps for posting it). It is just not intuitive at all. I lost all my special keys plus the end and home for many months of assignment writing twice now…. Have since put whiteout on the two keys needed to fix this when someone decides to hit these keys together to give me hell again.

  4. Thanks for the simple advice to get back to the function keys we’ve all been using for years. Microsoft help absolute rubbish. Does not even have an item for function keys!! Keep up the user support network. Thanks

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