Fix Windows 8 stuck in automatic repair loop

I have upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 pro on my computer. After installed the recent updates and made a reboot, Windows 8 get into an automatic repair loop and stuck in there. it displays the log file is located on C:\windows\system32\logfiles\srt\srttrail.txt and the repair is not working. Now I don’t have any windows 8/7 disc and can’t login to safe mode.

* Boot from your created recovery USB flash drive or system repair disc. Select your keyboard layout language.
* In the Startup Options Menu, click/tap on Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt
* Type in the command and press Enter to run the command.

bootrec /fixMBR

Then repeat this method for runing those commands one by one:
bootrec /Fixboot
bootrec /rebuildBCD
chkdsk /r c:
chkdsk /r d:

And then let repair go thowe again and that should fix the issues.


30 thoughts on “Fix Windows 8 stuck in automatic repair loop

  1. Hey I tried this having this problem everything said it was successful until i tried chkdsk /r c: It said that the function couldent be done and now im stuck again.

  2. This process allowed me to reinsert Windows 7 as a boot option. Which was plenty enough to uninstall Windows 8.

  3. I’ve been stuck on automatic repair for a week and it always says diagnosing but nothing happens can someone help or am i screwed?

  4. i have new samsung ativ GT-p8510 and it stuck on automatic repair

    there is no way to get again normal boot, iam very unhappy , with stupid windows tablets,,

    newer again, will use andorid,,,

    anyway is there any solution to get again ? some button combo? or install from USB key ? new widnows 8 ?

  5. I’m currently trying this steps right now. I woke up this morning with a blank screen had the hp windows 8 installed brand new pc for 7 months and it was also stuck on auto repair this morning, I was able to back everything up so I will run these steps on my tower and let you know what the outcome is, also the error showing was. c windows system32 logfiles srt srttrail txt

  6. i still can’t fix my pc with this solution..nothing happen also after i tried chkdsk /r any other ways to solve this problem?

  7. None of these work my windows 8 is preparing automatic repair and diagnosing your pc wtfffffff I tried chkdsk /r /d it does not freaking work

  8. have done the prompts above, once they are completed what do i type in to get the laptop to restart and hopefully return to the windows start up page?

  9. I have a surface pro its stuck in preparing automatic repair this is the only screen it shows is there anything anyone can tell me to do to get this to stop and be fixed

    • Disable any security software and also disconnect any external devices then try it again. If the issue is still there, it may be caused by a dirty hard drive.

  10. bonjour,
    quand j’arrive au stade du chkdsk le type du systeme de fichier est NTFS
    impossible de verouillerle lecteur en cours windows ne peut pas executer de verification du disque car protégé en ecriture …
    Merci pour votre aide

    • je viens de faire chkdsk c: /f/r
      c’est en cours
      cependant j’avais déja effectué ceci ené à bien mais sans succes pour le redemarrage…Là il commence etape4
      je précise j’etais passeé de w 8 a8.1 ET SUITE

      • je viens de faire chkdsk c: /f/r
        c’est en cours
        cependant j’avais déja effectué ceci ené à bien mais sans succes pour le redemarrage…Là il commence etape4
        je précise j’etais passeé de w 8 a8.1
        Suite a une coupure EDF et malgré un onduleur (défaillant?) tout a été stoppé brutalement et depuis ecran bleu au redemarrage et réparation automatique en boucle avec le message srt trail.txt

  11. This worked beautifully on samsung ativ book 7 I was in a panic because i massively screwed up a data migration but this restored my system perfectly!

  12. Began having this issue after Windows 10 Critical update on August 15, 2015. So, I know it’s the upgrade to 10 that’s causing the issue. Followed the command prompts shown above, am hoping it works. It’s about 86% in now!!!

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