Fix Windows 8 stuck in automatic repair loop

I have upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 pro on my computer. After installed the recent updates and made a reboot, Windows 8 get into an automatic repair loop and stuck in there. it displays the log file is located on C:\windows\system32\logfiles\srt\srttrail.txt and the repair is not working. Now I don’t have any windows 8/7 disc and can’t login to safe mode.

* Boot from your created recovery USB flash drive or system repair disc. Select your keyboard layout language.
* In the Startup Options Menu, click/tap on Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt
* Type in the following commands one by one:
bootrec /fixMBR
bootrec /Fixboot
bootrec /rebuildBCD
chkdsk /r c:
chkdsk /r d:

And then let repair go thowe again and that should fix the issues.

17 thoughts on “Fix Windows 8 stuck in automatic repair loop

  1. Hey I tried this having this problem everything said it was successful until i tried chkdsk /r c: It said that the function couldent be done and now im stuck again.

  2. This process allowed me to reinsert Windows 7 as a boot option. Which was plenty enough to uninstall Windows 8.

  3. I’ve been stuck on automatic repair for a week and it always says diagnosing but nothing happens can someone help or am i screwed?

  4. i have new samsung ativ GT-p8510 and it stuck on automatic repair

    there is no way to get again normal boot, iam very unhappy , with stupid windows tablets,,

    newer again, will use andorid,,,

    anyway is there any solution to get again ? some button combo? or install from USB key ? new widnows 8 ?

  5. I’m currently trying this steps right now. I woke up this morning with a blank screen had the hp windows 8 installed brand new pc for 7 months and it was also stuck on auto repair this morning, I was able to back everything up so I will run these steps on my tower and let you know what the outcome is, also the error showing was. c windows system32 logfiles srt srttrail txt

  6. i still can’t fix my pc with this solution..nothing happen also after i tried chkdsk /r any other ways to solve this problem?

  7. None of these work my windows 8 is preparing automatic repair and diagnosing your pc wtfffffff I tried chkdsk /r /d it does not freaking work

  8. have done the prompts above, once they are completed what do i type in to get the laptop to restart and hopefully return to the windows start up page?

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