Fix Documents.library-ms is no longer working in Surface Pro

Everytime I click on my pictures, documents, music or videos to view the file and arrange them on my Surface Pro Windows 8, a error box comes up with message “documents.libraries-ms is no longer working” and then “this file can be safely deleted from your computer“. Accessing my library get these error below:
“Music.library-ms” is no longer working.
“Pictures.library-ms” is no longer working.
“Videos.library-ms” is no longer working.

How can I get rid of the error and fix the problem?

To fix the issues, you need to recreate the library in Windows 8 on your Surface Pro.
* Open File Explorer by pressing Windows + E Keys and go to your library, right-click or press and hold on the Documents, Music or Pictures Library and select “Delete” from menu, and click/tap “Yes” to confirm it.
That doesn’t remove all contents of included folders.
* Right-click “Libraries” in the navigation pane, select “Restore default libraries” to get the default one back. Then you need to re-add your folders to library manually.


34 thoughts on “Fix Documents.library-ms is no longer working in Surface Pro

  1. Thank you so much for this. I bought my son a computer with windows 8 for Christmas and all I can say is that we are very, very disappointed in windows 8. I’ll never a computer with it again.

  2. Thank you! I was in panic mode! I couldn’t get my documents to open and it contained my work for my masters degree! I had just finished a paper and hadn’t saved it to by backup file yet. You saved me!

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! With finals coming up I thought I was going to be done for. As a side note for anyone with this problem, I was nervous to delete the folders so I used an external. It turns out that I didn’t need it because after I hit restore everything went right back to the way they were before. Thank you so much…….thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

  4. Wow. I am laughing because I loved Windows 8. I bought RT Surface. I bought Surface Pro.

    And I’m laughing.

    Because I couldn’t play music from my xbox music pass. $10/month. It’s not the money.

    It’s the ridiculous truth that I got kicked from my music app to find none of my libraries still worked. Sure, it was easy to fix.

    But I am laughing my way to Apple.

  5. Thank you so much, you´r advive was wonderfull. I fixed that problem. Congratulations. I have Toshiba Qosmio X875, 16Gb RAM and two HDD 1Tb. i7, 64 bits and Windows 8 Pro with Media Center all original. Thank´s again.

  6. This is a fix not a solution.

    What causes this to happen in the first place and how can I stop it?

    It happens near enough EVERY DAY and I’m getting fed up with deleting and recreating the Libraries only for it to recurr again and again.

  7. Thank you. I couldn’t ripmy music and then noticed this was also the problem. I couldn’t open in any documents in my libraries file. Once I followed these directions I can now rip my music also with Windows media player. So relieved. Also a very disappointed Windows 8 user. I swear windows 8 seems only useful for touch screen cpus

  8. OMG, easy and it worked. I’ve been having so much trouble cleaning up my PC with AVG and Advanced care. I have to do it daily and then come home today and have no documents. You are a lifesaver. I agree with the others easy instructions and worked like a charm.

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