Failed to remove bluetooth device on Surface Pro Windows 8

I have put a USB Bluetooth adapter with my SUrface Pro and connect to a Bluetooth headset. When I go to PC Setting > Devices, and try to remove the headset, Windows 8 get BSOD eventually and now it list “Removing device”with unclickable “-” sign. Try reconnecting my headset to the tablet get error “Adding your device failed. Remove it from your PC first then try again.”

How to cannot remove blutooth devices on Surface Pro Windows 8
* Press Windows + X keys from keyboard and click Device Manager. Make sure that bluetooth driver is Enabled.
* You may need to display hidden device (ghosted) drivers in Windows 8 and remove it.
Go to Desktop mode, click “Libraries” in the taskbar, right-click on Computer, and select Properties. In System control panel, click Advanced System Settings link from the left pane.
Click on “Environment Variables” button, click on “New” under the “User variables for <***theUsername***>” box, setup devmgr_show_nonpresent_device for Variable Name and 1 for the Variable Value, and click OK.
Open Device Manager again, select View > Show hidden devices, and right-click on the hidden device and select Uninstall.

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