Digitizer pen not working on Surface Pro

Q: My Digitizer pen worked fine with my Surface Pro for three days but now it is no longer functioning after waking the tablet from asleep. I log into my Microsoft account and the touch screen doesn’t detecte it. I have tried rebooting the device, doing a refresh but nothing happen. How can I fix the issues?

A: I also get the same problem. It has problem with pressure sensitivity in Photoshop. Sometime the stylus is not working with Surface. The pen is passive without any charge and there is no setting for in Windows 8 OS. I have calibrated it but that is fine. Finally I shut down the tablet and go to restore it from back up, and pen seems to get function back.

Here is a way to fix the problem


18 thoughts on “Digitizer pen not working on Surface Pro

  1. Hmmm, mine became totally unresponsive too. Tried all of the above. Looks like this is the first forum post to address it because I haven’t seen the topic on MS Surface forum after spending a few hours there.

  2. What you need to do is go to settings and pick shut down and then click on the power button and digitizer pen should work again.

  3. i had the same problem
    fixed it by
    click setting than click shut down
    then wake it up by pressing power button
    it will work

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