Create Bootable Windows USB To install Windows 7 on Surface Pro

Surface Pro Windows 8 allows users to other OS like Windows 7 with double-boot system on the tablet. Surface doesn’t include a CD/DVD optical drive, so you have to use the bootable USB drive to install Windows 7.

* USB Flash Drive with minimum 4GB free space,
* Official Windows 7 ISO file from your Microsoft Store Account or your custom file.

How to Create Bootable Windows USB To install Windows 7 on Surface Pro
* Download Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool from microsoft website and install on your computer. Conect your Flash Drive to PC.
* Run the program, click “Browse” button to the Win 7 iSO source file > Next > USB device > select your media type from the drop down list, and then click “Begin copying”. The process will take a few minutes.
* If you get the error “Invalid ISO File. The selected file is not a valid ISO file. Please select a valid ISO file and try again.” during the above steps, use PowerISO (full version) to open your iso file, click File> File properties > Check UDF, hit OK and save the file.

Once the procedure is completed, plug-in your USB flash drive to Surface Pro’s USB port. Reboot the tablet and start installing Windows 7.


2 thoughts on “Create Bootable Windows USB To install Windows 7 on Surface Pro

    • Bump! Has anybody done a clean install of Win7 on the SP or SP2 and can confirm that it works?

      There is an official Microsoft knowledge base item stating: “The Surface Pro is a Class 3 UEFI device that does not support legacy BIOS Interrupt 10 (INT 10H) video transitioning and it requires Windows 8 or later operating systems to run.” and some of us hopeful dreamers are still in doubt that this is the final word.

      I’ve seen hints (like this page) that there is a way to install Windows 7 on a UEFI device, and that the secure boot can be turned off, and those together should mean that it is possible to get Win7 on the SP2. Anybody out there have a link to detailed instructions on how to do this whole process successfully on the Surface Pro or SP2 specifically?

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