Change Windows 8 logon screen background color on Surface Pro

When you boots up the Surface Pro, Windows 8 Pro logon screen background keeps coming with the picture of Seattle drawing with the yellow bubbles. If you don’t like the default color and want to change to a color of your choice, try the following tips to change Windows 8 logon screen background color and picture on Surface Pro.

How to Change logon screen background color on Surface Pro running Windows 8
* Change other photo
Open Charms bar by swiping in from the right side of screen
Tap or click on Settings, go to change PC settings > Personalize > Lock screen > Start screen” & “Account picture”.
But that only make the new screen shows up on first boot. To fix the issues, you need to try the method below:
The Seattle picture are located at
You can replace it with other pic.
* Change logon screen color in Windows 8 Pro
Press Win+R keys in combination, Type “regedit” in search box and select it from result.
In the left pane, go to the location:
Tap or click on Accent key, go to its the right-pane, right-click in any empty place to create a new 32-bit DWORD value with “DefaultColorSet” name, select the “Decimal” for Base, and set its value data between 2 to 24 for the color as you would like to have.


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