Best Free Windows 8 antivirus software for Surface Pro

It is indispensible to get Antivirus protection for Surface Pro tablet and Windows computer. Windows has more antivirus programs than we can count, but we keep coming back with some great free ones.

Best Free Windows 8 antivirus software for Surface Pro
* Avast! Free Antivirus 7 Score: 5/5
It blocks viruses and spyware, and has novel Remote Assistance feature, but is missing the firewall. Easy to configure. It disables the built-in Windows Defender protection while running.

* AVG Free 2013 Score: 5/5
Smart Scan feature reduces the priority of the scan, so that it won’t make your device running slowly.
AVG Advisor gives you some possible browser problems warnings.
Phone support when you need help.

* Zone Alarm + Firewall Score: 4/5
Anti-Spyware Engine, two-Way firewall, 5GB of online backup and many advanced settings, such as privacy & security toolbar, analyzes downloads and identity Protection.

Microsoft Security Essentials and Avira are not compatible with Win8 since now.


6 thoughts on “Best Free Windows 8 antivirus software for Surface Pro

  1. I have a Surface 2. This tablet is the most useless piece of tech I have EVER come across. Can’t install the Antivirus software I want, AVG.
    Will not let me install nearly any software at all that a home user will want, I can’t even get rid of RT & use a different OS, can put Windows 10 on the pro versions, but not this one, so I have a useless lemon, I knew I should have bought the Samsung Pad 4, which everything I want to install & run will work on…
    Can’t even get any decent games on the damn thing, except some on Facebook, can’t install them like you can with most of them, but can play through Facebook which is usually glitchy doing that. The only thing I can use it for is playing Movies & Music & that’s without my favourite software to play them, fecking Xbox media player, does that mean I can play Xbox games on it ?????? Going to see if I can install an Xbox game via USB stick & see what happens… If this doesn’t work I will be mounting it in a cabinet with a big hard drive full of Music & a high power stereo amplifier & it will just be a jukebox in my man-cave…

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