Surface Pro mSATA SSD upgrade to 256gb How to Guide

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is different from current ARM or Atom based tablet, because it supports Windows 7 software installing and integrates an industry standard mSATA Micron C400 SSD. According to iFixit, you are able to technically upgrade the SSD based drives inside to much larger mSATA SSDs. Someone has successfully upgraded the 64GB hard drive to a 240GB Intel 525. That broke the tablet but cool upgrade. Continue reading

Permission error Failed to enumerate objects in the container Access is denied

I have been getting the issues for 2 days now after upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro and installed microsoft updates. When I try to move some old files to new hard drives, it shows the error “Permission error – Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied.” message. Continue reading

Microsoft Surface RT Soft Sleeve/Case by MetricUSA

I have a high qualitysleeve with my laptop used for about one year and it doesn’t show any wear. Now I am looking for something soft and minimalist. Is there a Surface RT Soft Sleeve or Case with soft yet firm material and protecting the tablet wonderfully? I often travel with it a lot. Any product recommend? Continue reading