Windows8 photo app all sources are hidden, change your settings

When I access my pictures within the photos app on my Windows 8 Pro computer, a error message “All your photo sources are hidden. To show some, change your setting.” shows up. But I was able to view photos without any issues. I have just switch from Windows Xp to win8.

You have to unhide the sources for the photo app by the step by step bolew:
* First open Photo app from start screen.
* Use your finger or mouse cursor to sweep in slightly from the right side of the screen. And the Charms bar will come up. Or press Windows + C key.
* Select Settings > Options. You should see some choices for showing photos and videos from various places. Go to check the box with the ones you want to display, such as “picture library”, “sky drive” and “see your photos”.


13 thoughts on “Windows8 photo app all sources are hidden, change your settings

  1. I did what you told us to do but I still can’t get to any photos. I also didn’t see “see my photos” are you stated. what am I doing wrong?

  2. Does it take a while? I went thru all the steps including allowing to acess my Facebook. When I go back to the windows 8 main screen it shuffles my photos I have saved to my library but when I open the app, it still reads that same error message, “All sources are hidden, change your settings”

  3. but when i click setting there is no “OPTION”…. only “CONTROL PANEL”, “PERSONALIZATION”, “PC INFO” AND “HELP”… how can i unhide my photo sources?????

    • I, completely, agree!! there are no “options”! I have a brand-new Dell laptop with all the bells and whistles. this is, completely, exasperating! I HATE WINDOWS 8!!!! I just want to go to the photos/videos I recorded on my digital camera and delete or save them without having to spend a HUGE amount of time.

  4. I really liked it at the beginning, cos it is impressive – the metros and colors are awesome but that’s it …. I am fed up. Every two weeks I have a problem.
    This week i can’t open my photos from the app…. it said photo resources are hidden. Change the PC setting. i flipped through some sites, i managed to go to CONTROL PANEL / PERSONALIZE / then FOLDER OPTION – i chose Show Hidden Files / Apply ….. but nothing happened. PLS HELP

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