Turn Off Clicking Sound on Touch/Type Cover on Surface Pro/RT

You may use the Microsoft Touch Cover or Type Cover to pair with Surface RT/Pro tablet instead of touching. When you attach it and go to type something like email, you will hear the clicking sound you are making.

The buttons from the cover don’t like a normal keyboard’s. And the clicking sound let you feel like using actual buttons. However, somebody don’t like to hear the annoying sound.

How to Turn Off additional clicking Sound with Touch/Type Cover for Surface RT/Pro
* Move the mouse cursor from the right side to open charms bar, Click/Tap on “Change PC Settings” at the bottom.
* On the left, select General. Scroll down on the right side, under Touch Keyboard option, switch “Play key sounds as I type” from On to Off.
* You can also disable the feature from on-screen keyboard from Windows 8 computer. Click on the Options button, and uncheck “Use click sound”.


9 thoughts on “Turn Off Clicking Sound on Touch/Type Cover on Surface Pro/RT

    • if you go to the charms portion and go to settings then you can click on change pc settings. once there (your windows 8 should be updated) click on PC and devices. from there click on typing. in that section it will give you the option to turn the sound off. it says “”play key sounds as I type” there you can switch it to off! so much better!!

      • This does not work for me (Surface RT). It disables the clicking sounds for the on-scree keyboard, but the touch cover still makes clicky noises when I type.

  1. Did not work either. It’s really annoying, Microsoft makes great products but every single one has to have one really annoying feature you cannot turn off. Please start fixing those, it would probably help you with your market ratings as well…

  2. If you go to Devices and find Keyboards you can ”Remove” the Cover and then re-install it straight away. No need to actually detach it physically. You may want to check Microsoft website for Surface Pro 4 firmware updates first.
    Anyway, after reinstalling it, go to the aforementioned make sounds as I type toggle and turn it on then off.
    Worked for me (formerly had to turn sound off)

  3. The only way to disable the sound of the Touch Cover keyboard working with MS Surface 2 is to go to Control Panel, then open Device Manager,. Under System Devices find Surface Cover Audio. Open it and in the Drivers tab, click Disable. Worked for me.

  4. It also appears that there’s a setting on Windows 10 under

    Settings > “Ease of Access Center” > Keyboard > Filter Keys > “Beep when keys are pressed or accepted”

    If it’s on, turn it off – that’s all there is to the issue we had!

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