Touchpad gestures not working on Windows 8 laptop

Everytime I put my laptop running Windows 8 Pro into sleep mode and then wake it up, the touchpad multi-touch gestures will stop working, such as scroll with two fingers, pinch, slide in from the right edge and more. Go to Setting and turn touchpad Off and ON and nothing happens. Finally I have to completely reboot the device to temporarily solve the problem. But it will come back after hibernate. Is there a way to get it working?

How to fix Touchpad gestures not working on Windows 8 issues
* Press Windows + X keys from keyboard, select Device Manager, right-click on the Touchpad driver and select Update Driver software > Search automatically for Updated driver software.
* If the system doesn’t incldue the driver, go to your manufacturer website and download related devicers.
Elan – Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit)
Synaptics – Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit)


2 thoughts on “Touchpad gestures not working on Windows 8 laptop

    • Hi!

      I had a frustrating time trying to fix my touchpad. I knew there had to be a way to fix my touchpad from not scrolling :C So this is a result of a lot of trial and error.

      I found out that there was a driver error so I tried to figure out how to fix it. First, I tried to find individual drivers related to the surface typecover but that didn’t help as the first 3 I chose said the drivers were up to date. So instead of wasting time choosing many… I found this way.

      Go to Settings -> Devices/Connected Devices.

      Does your Keyboard say there is a Driver Error? That was my case. If so… Scroll down to “Related settings” and click Devices and Printers (I don’t know if there is a faster way to get to this option.) A window should pop up with all the different devices that have been or are connected to the tablet. Right click “Surface Type Cover” and choose Keyboard Settings.

      Go to the Hardware tab and click Properties. From there, there should be a list of the Drivers not working properly for the tablet. Then there should be an option to fix/update these drivers. It will go through them one by one and will change the Device Status to “working properly”.

      I hope this helps as I try to retrace my many steps getting to this point. If not, I hope you find a way that does work. Good luck!

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