Synaptics driver Enable touchpad gestures on Windows 8 laptops

Many people have installed and used Windows 8 on laptops. One of the biggest feature is great optimized for touch screen operation and gestures for apps. However, most computer does not have a touch screen.

Synaptics is a manufacturer of notebook touchpad. If you download the appropriate trackpad drivers from Synaptics, you would be able to enable gesture functionality on Windows 8 32bit/64bit.

Once you installed the Synaptics driver, just place your finger on your trackpad like using touch screen:
Access the charms bar: swipe inwards from the right side.
Open the new app switcher: swipe inwards from the left side
Reveal the app bar with options: Swipe down from the top edge
Horizontal Scrolling: Place two fingers and move them from left to right or right to left.
Zoom In/Out: Move two fingers towards each other.
Notes: It is not working on asus 1215n. To turn Synaptics off, uninstall the driver.


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