Surface Pro Boot to Desktop & Skip Metro with Task Scheduler

Everytime you login to Surface Pro Windows 8, you should first see the Metro-style Start screen. If you like using the desktop most of the time and want to boot directly to it on the tablet, here is the tip about how to setup Surface Windows 8 Pro boot straight to Desktop and skip Metro screen with Task Scheduler.

* From the Start screen, open charms bar, type “task scheduler” and select Task Scheduler icon.
* Within Task Scheduler, click “Create Basic Task” under Actions (Local). The wizard will let you enter the name (Recommend using “BootToDesk”) and optional descriotion. Click Next button > check “When I log on” > Next > Select Start a Program “as the action > Next.
* Type %systemroot%\explorer.exe as the Program/Script > click Next
and then Finish button.

Once you reboot the device and log in, you will go directly to the desktop with an File Explorer window.


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