Setup POP3 Email with Windows 8 Mail Using

By default the Windows 8/RT Mail app doesn’t support POP3 mail servers. If you add a POP3 email account from your ISP to the buitl-in mail app, it says that “ask your email provider to switch to IMAP or EAS.” However, with using, you are able to use POP Email on your Surface RT/Pro and Windows 8 computer.

* First log in to your account, click/tap on the gear icon (Options) at the top right, and select “More Mail Settings”.
* In the Options screen, click “Your Email Accounts” link and then “Add a Send-and-Receive Account” button.
* Type your email address and password from your ISP. Clcik Advanced Options, go to input your POP server address and Port number. Make sure that are correct.
* If the server use SSL, check “Requires a secure connection(SSL). If you don’t want to delete message from server, check “Leave a copy of message on the server”. To get these details, you’d better contact your ISP.
* Choose “”, type in your address and password and “Connect” to add it to the Mail app.


5 thoughts on “Setup POP3 Email with Windows 8 Mail Using

  1. You might want to clarify that the last step is something you do back in the Windows 8/RT Mail app under Settings, and that the prior steps you do at

    Using this way is a good tip for people trapped with a POP-only email provider… not only to bypass the limitations of Mail, but to bypass the limitations of POP across multiple devices (now you can use IMAP/EAS to access the mailbox indirectly, with a single set of folders, read-states on the messages, filing rules, etc.) But I still think finding a new email provider and migrating away from the POP-only provider is a better idea.

    • Yes. but If you’re running Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro, you’b better setup POP account with email desktop client like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Thunderbird, no the built-in mail app.

  2. When I go to add my advanced server info and hit next it comes back with a message that says “can’t connect to outlook at this time.” I’ve tried several times over several days. Any ideas?

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