Office 2013 Word experienced an error trying to open the file

I have download a word 2013 document in attachment of my friend’s email from internet. When I try to open the file, I get a error message on my Windows 8 computer:

“Word experienced an error trying to open the file
Try these suggestions
* Check the file permissions for the document or drive.
* Make sure these is sufficient free memory and disk space.
* open the file with the Text Recovery converter.”

I would never figure out how to fix the issues.

The Word may be setup Protected View from Office 2013. That make it to block downloading from a untrusted source. To solve the problem, you can right-clcik on your document, select properties and click “unblock” button at the bottom.

3 thoughts on “Office 2013 Word experienced an error trying to open the file

  1. Just in case you’re trying to open a file from the web (such as from a SharePoint site) and you want to do something like check it out, it can be problematic since it’ll try to automatically open the file as opposed to saving it where you direct it, therefore you can’t just unblock it. To stop Internet Explorer from putting the block on the file, if you add the site to your trusted sites (ensure your trusted sites don’t use IE protected mode, and obviously make sure you actually trust the site), you can avoid the problem of having to unblock them all together. if you’re a risk taker, you can turn off protected mode on IE entirely, but I do not recommend it.

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