No enough disk space to record with Windows8 Media Center

I have upgraded to Windows 8 Pro on a PC computer with touchscreen. After installed Windows Media Center and use it to record show, Media guide says there is not enough hard disk space and the show records stops working. However, the PC has free of space that is more than 900GB and it recorded on Windows 7 without any issues.

To solved the problem, try the following step by step:
* Close Windows Media Center app.
* Run Computer Management app. In the left panel, go to System Tools > Task Scheduler > Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft >Windows > Media Center.
* Right-click on “MediaCenterRecovery Task” and change its status from “End”(Ready) to “Run”(Running). Waiting for 10 senconds, change the status back to “End”.

Now run the Media Center to performe a setup and go to record TV. Enjoy youself.


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