Internet Explorer 10 Message from webpage Object Error

When I access certain webpages using Internet Explorer 10 on my Windows 8 pro 64-bit computer over wifi, IE 10 always pops up error message “Message from webpage..Object Error”. That make me no way to view the page and the browser stop working. Refering the link and enabling compatibility view are still not working.

How can I fix the IE 10 issues on Windows 8 or Surface
The add-ons may cause the problem. You need to enable No add-ons mode and set Internet Explorer as your default browser.
* Go to desktop screen and open Internet Explorer 10 app.
* Click/Tap the Tools button > Manage add-ons.
* Click “All add-ons”, select one and click Disable. Repeat the step for others.


2 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 10 Message from webpage Object Error

  1. Nope. This isn’t the solution. Guess again. Better yet, don’t guess.

    IE 10 newly updated from IE 9 on a Windows 7 (64-bit) laptop. All Add-Ons disabled. The error message continues. Happy days! The error pops up even when IE 10 is closed out!

    • Hi El Marko,
      I just fixed my object error from website problem a few minutes ago. Everyone has good advice but you have to put them all together for it to work.
      Once you diable all of the add-ons, you really need to go to the control panel and check the add/remove programs list. Look down the list and find any stupid software that you didn’t install or ask for. My crazy software was “unfriendly checker”. When I found it in the add-ons list, it wouldn’t like me disable it.
      So, I went to Add/remove programs, clicked on the remove button, and an uninstall wizard popped up, removed the bad guy and yes, I’m up and running with the dreaded object error message GONE. It took me 2 weeks but it’s working fine now. Again,
      1. disable all add ons
      2. then go directly to control panel to “add/remove programs”
      3. scan down the list to see if there’s anything suspcious and remove, trust me, it didn’t have anything to do with the registry.
      btw – I’m not a tec-ky or anything remotely like a tec person, just a common frustrated computer user who found the answer.
      Good luck,

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