How to use touch screen to close Windows8 apps

With the type cover, it is very easy to close the running apps using the keyboard on my Surface Rt/Pro tablet. However, if I am outside and only take the tablet without cover, I can’t find a way to close the apps from the touch screen. Is there a gesture to do that?

How to Close apps using touch screen on Surface or Windows 8 Pro
* Use my finger to drag from top center of the screen border all the way to the bottom before releasing, just like from the camera to the windows logo.
* If the above tip is not working and it just maximizes itself, make sure you haven’t released during the processing and do that quickly.
* When you are on classic desktop, just drag it down after you are swiping in and out.


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  1. I have just recently lost the ability on my Lenovo surface tablet to use the mouse to navigate to the top right corner of the screen where it used to activate a drop down with the ‘x’ maximise and minimise buttons. this no longer happens and the mouse pointer turns from an arrow to and open hand icon… why? and how do I rectify it??? am running on windows RT 8.1

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