How to use cameras on Surface Pro/RT

There are two integrated LifeCam cameras in the Surface Pro/RT tablet. You can use both cameras to take photos and record videos and have a video chat using the front one.

How to use cameras on Surface Pro/RT
* From start screen, clcik/tap the built-in Camera app. You can also download another camera app from the Windows app Store.
* Tap “Camera options” to change resolution, brightness, or contrast.
If you need a delay while taking phpto, tap “Timer” to setup it.
* Take a photo
Toggle to photo modes, click/tap “Change camera” to switch between the front and back cameras(It shoud come with a small privacy LED light), and then touch the screen to get a photo.
Shoot/record a video
Select “Video mode” and tap on screen to start recording video. Surface will save it in the Camera Roll album in the Pictures library.


9 thoughts on “How to use cameras on Surface Pro/RT

  1. I want to have a video conference on my tablet. How do i do this once i log onto the url? Do i turn on the camera when im on the site?

  2. Instructions for how to use Surface RT camera are totally incompetent and egregiously lacking in simple detail such as HOW TO TURN THE (EXPLETIVE DELETED) CAMERA OFF. THIS IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE HATE MICROSOFT AND ALL THEIR PRODUCTS.

    This website is stealing private information from my computer and I am making a Federal case out of it by complaining to our US Senators

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