How to use cameras on Surface Pro/RT

There are two integrated LifeCam cameras in the Surface Pro/RT tablet. You can use both cameras to take photos and record videos and have a video chat using the front one.

How to use cameras on Surface Pro/RT
* From start screen, clcik/tap the built-in Camera app. You can also download another camera app from the Windows app Store.
* Tap “Camera options” to change resolution, brightness, or contrast.
If you need a delay while taking phpto, tap “Timer” to setup it.
* Take a photo
Toggle to photo modes, click/tap “Change camera” to switch between the front and back cameras(It shoud come with a small privacy LED light), and then touch the screen to get a photo.
Shoot/record a video
Select “Video mode” and tap on screen to start recording video. Surface will save it in the Camera Roll album in the Pictures library.

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