How to Setup Parental Controls in Surface Pro Windows 8

The Microsoft Surface Pro running Windows 8 has built-in parental controls features called family safety by default. It allows you to monitor and control your children’s Computer Usage, set time limits and websites filter. When you go to PC setting > Users to create an additional account, checking “is this a child’s account? Turn on family safetyto get reports of their PC use” to enable.

How to Setup and Use “Family Safety” Parental Controls in Surface Pro Windows 8
* Make the other user doesn’t have administrator right. If it is, system will say “you cannot set rules for another administrator”.
* Open charms bar, click Search, type “Set up Family Safety for all users” in the box and select it from result.

* Select the child’s account, click/tap “On, enforce current setting” under Family Safety. if you want to get Activity reporting, click “On, collect information about PC usage”
* There are individual options available at the bottom of the window.
Web filtering: allow or block the websites.

Time limits: Configure the number of hours per day for using Surface tablet.

Windows Store and game restrictions: allowed to install which apps and games.

App restrictions: access specified installed Store apps.
* You can also setup the function on Family Safety website.


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