How to setup iCloud Email in Surface Pro Mail App

Apple’s push mail IMAP service seems to be not compatible with the Windows 8′s mail App. If you want to send and receive iCloud Mail on your Surface Pro/RT tablet, you could try the following step by step to manually configure your email application to sync.

How to setup iCloud Email in Mail App on Surface Pro/RT
* From start screen, tap/click Mail title.
* Within the app, open its Settings, and go to Account > “add account” for configure iCloud account.
* Select “IMAP” and use the setting to type:

Username: use your full icloud mail address (***
Incoming Mail Server) information:
Server name:,
SSL Required: on
Port: 993
Outgoing mail server) information:
Server name:,
SSL: off,
Port: 587
Outgoing server requires authentication: yes
Use the same username and password to send and receive email: yes
Turn off SSL for SMTP and on SSL for IMAP.


4 thoughts on “How to setup iCloud Email in Surface Pro Mail App

  1. Grrrr Why is this so difficult… iCloud isn’t working, Exchange was and now isn’t working! I might need to use the 28 day refund policy!

  2. It is terrible… you should fix this problems because it is a waste of time for the users…

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