How to Setup ASP.NET Website in IIS 8 on Windows 8 Pro

I have installed IIS 8 on my Windows 8 Pro computer for a while now and try to setup a new ASP.NET website on the talbet. Enabling IIS feature on Surface Pro or computer are very similar to what you do on Windows 7 PC. I will show you the steps to setup ASP.NET Website in IIS 8.

* Hit “Win + R” Key from keyboard, type “inetmgr” and press “enter”. The IIS Manager will be opened. YOu can also go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools, and click on Internet Information Services (IIS) Manger.
* In the left side of IIS console, expand out the server and it will list all your sites. By default, you have only “Dafault Web Site” stored in C:\inetpub\wwwroot.
* To configure a new ASP.NET website, right-click on Site, select Add Website, type in information, such as your site name, physical path, specify what IP address and port. Then clik OK, stop the default website and started running your test one.

To quickly setup with different Microsoft web components, you could try the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.


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