How to keep Surface Pro/RT screen on

iHeart radio app from app Store offers a way to find and listen to more than 1500 live radio stations on Windows 8 computer. When I use the iHeart radio app on my Surface pro tablet without doing any action, the screen dims and turns off automatically but the audio doesn’t continue. That happens with Music app. How can keep my Surface stay on?

You need to configure Power Plan Settings in Surface Pro/RT Windows 8
* Open charms bar from start screen, select Search, type Control in the box. Click on Control Panel from setting result. Click/touch Category > Large icons, scroll it down and clcik on Power Options.
* You can also right-click on the battery icon on taskbar from desktop and choose “More power options”.

* Clcik/Tap the blue text “Change plan settings” next to Balanced (recommend). change the time for Battery setting with both of “Dim the display” and “Put the computer to sleep” to the time you would like to use. Doing the same resetting for “Plugged in” setting. Click Save changes button to finish.


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