How to Import Outlook contacts to Windows 8 mail app

I want to import my old Outlook contacts into the Windows 8. I send an email with a VCF file to the Win8 Mail app, but the Mail app can not open VCF, and only offers “save” option.

Here is the solution about how to Import Outlook contacts to Windows 8
* In Outlook Contacts, click Export File > Options > Advanced > Export to file Export > next > Comma Separated Values (Windows) > next > from this folder “Contacts” Export > next and specify path.
* Exporting the.csv Import Contacts in Windows 8 app. Open Windows Live Mail, go to Windows Live Mail Sign In View, clcik My Profile > IE starts with my profiles > Profiles in. Click then choose contacts app > Add contacts to your contact list: from file import the .csv file.

3 thoughts on “How to Import Outlook contacts to Windows 8 mail app

  1. You are talking about import to Windows 8 Mail App.
    So how to “go to Windows Live Mail Sign In View” ? Windows Live Mail is only found in Windows 7 ?

  2. God Microsoft screwed this up. How the hell do they justify having export options in their old email apps only to create this new Metro Mail that contains no processes whatsoever for importing those files? I mean seriously, did they put any thought into this whatsoever?

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