How to import contacts into Windows 8 People app

I was using Windows Live Mail on my computer running Windows 7. Now I want to upgraded to windows 8 Pro. How can I import contacts into Windows 8 People app?

You cannot directly import contacts to the People app in Windows 8
* First Export Contacts to .csv file. In Windows Live Hotmail, click Options | More options… > Export contacts link under Customize your contacts, and save your Windows Live Hotmail address book to a CSV file.
* On Surface Pro or Windows 8 computer, sign in Windows using Microsoft account (Hotmail/Xbox/Windows live ID/, login into with the same account, click import from file button, and select from outlook or a CSV file.
* After all contacts are imported, log off and log back in with the same MS account, and then they will show up in the people hub.


10 thoughts on “How to import contacts into Windows 8 People app

  1. Dear God – all this cack to log in to do a simple task – what ever happened to drag & drop – to quick and easy for the kids , they would get bored if everything was that easy

  2. For the love of all things holy. I am not going to enter hundreds of names one by one from aol. Therefore the mail and people apps are space wasters.

  3. Get it? For the love of all things holy! Guess I won’t be using the Mail or People Apps until it gets a lot easier.

  4. MS is failing by trying to re-invent the wheel. 20 Years ago we had to learn and memorize code to use things like Word perfect, etc. Mind you, in those days a “mouse” was still a rodent that scared the girls. Now you have to memorize how to find things – there’s nothing on any screen to help you find what you’re looking for consequently you have to click several things to something it took one click to do before. I guess I should have bought a Mac.

  5. This is impossible so user unfriendly ands Microsoft wonders why the are losing market share-REALLY
    This new surface is a bust
    Tell everyone DO NOT Buy

  6. After using Windows for 20 years I find this Win 8.1 to be most counter-intuitive OS ever. I’m spending hours just ttrying to find stuff that used to be a click away. Should have switched to Apple….

  7. I was just getting used to windows 8, when I got an automatic update to windows 8.1 – is there any way I can go back to just windows 8. Windows 8.1 is a mess, you can’t find anything. Your instructions don’t work. Tell me how I can input all my aol email contacts from windows 8 to the so called easy app “Mail” on Windows 8.1, also it used to be easy to download pictures from a camera to the pc , just download and you could select and name the file, now I can’t figure out where the picture is, how to name it, etc. hope I can reverse this update which I didn’t want in the first place and get my windows 8 back. thanks judy

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