How to Fix Windows Store Your purchase couldn’t be completed error

When I try to purchase or update an app from the Windows marketplace, the Windows Store says “Your purchase couldn’t be completed, Something happened and your purchase can’t be completed“. No matter which app I try to clcik install, try or buy button. Then I change my online microsoft account to local user, but still not working.

* Make sure you have enabled and runned the Windows Update service on the tablet. Don’t use proxy based internet server. If you have ESET software, go to turn off ESET Personal firewall.
* From start screen, open charms bar by swiping from the right side, and then click/tap Change PC settings in the lower right corner.
Go to Users, and click on “switch to a local account” under you account, then sign off and on back. After sign in to the Windows Store, you are able to download what you need.
* Make sure you have add your payment method for the Windows Store.

Update: Microsoft is working on the fix and the update to resolve that problem is expected in early February.


3 thoughts on “How to Fix Windows Store Your purchase couldn’t be completed error

  1. There is an issue with my surface that I am unable to download any app from windows store and get error “your purchase could not be completed” I have tried many methods to solve this problem but still unsuccessful please share any working method with me. Thank you

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