How to export/backup Surface Pro Windows 8 settings

I want to format Surface Pro Windows 8 and do a new installation. Before that, I would like to export all the present settings (Desktop contents, Documents, folders view). How can I do that with a built-in tool or a third party software?

Windows Easy Transfer (WET) is what you are looking for.

How to export/backup Surface Pro Windows 8 settings
* Tap Search within charms bar, type Windows Easy Transfer in the box, and click its icon from the result.
* Windows Easy Transfer program will come up. Click/Tap Next, select how you wish to transfer your data. I want to save it on USB driver, so I select “An external hard disk or USB flash drive.”
* Select “This is my old PC.”, check “User” and “Shared Items” > Next.
* It will ask you to use a password to protect your file, enter your password and click Next button.
* Double click on the external drive for a location to save your file, and then Save button.
* Click Next to close it.


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