How to boot Surface Pro/RT into Recovery mode

If your Surface Pro/RT fails to start on, you could try using the recovery options to refresh or repair the Windows OS and get it working again.

How to boot Microsoft Surface Pro/RT into RECOVERY mode
* Plugin a USB drive, that has at least 4GB free space, into other Win 8 PC and create a recovery derive.
* Shut down your tablet and connect it with your recovery USB device.
* Press and hold the volume down rocker switch + Power button to boot the Surface into recovery mode. It takes about 5 minutes, so you need to have enough patience to wait. Once it’s completed, select the language and go to access the advanced options from the list.

4 thoughts on “How to boot Surface Pro/RT into Recovery mode

  1. You could be a little more clear with this procedure. First of all are you talking about the volume down rocker switch or the volume down key on the keyboard? How do you create a recovery device with the USB drive? Should it be bootable? Should it contain a program you can use to recover your drive? Other?

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  3. I mean, the directions are vague but if you have any technical experience, it’s enough to figure it out. I looked at this post and fixed my surface.

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