How to boot Surface Pro/RT into Recovery mode

If your Surface Pro/RT fails to start on or the system just stop working, you could try using the recovery options to refresh or repair the Windows OS and get it working again. So you can easily repair the Windows 10/8 PC, without needing to re-install Windows OS.

How to boot Microsoft Surface Pro/RT into RECOVERY mode
Before begin the process, you need to have a USB flash drive or external storage device and it must have the minimum size of 4GB free space, as well as another full functional Windows 8 tablet or computer.
* plugin your USB storage device to another PC. From Start Screen, type Recovery to search for it, set Settings asd filter, and select the Recovery.
* select ‘Create a recovery drive’, click Next, select your desired one and click Next > Create button.
* When the syst4em copy the files completely, the recovery drive is ready to use.

Go back to your Surface Pro/RT with problem
* Now the created USB drive is the recovery device.
* Shut down your tablet and connect it with your recovery USB device.
* Press and hold the volume down rocker switch + Power button to boot the Surface into recovery mode. It takes about 5 minutes, so you need to have enough patience to wait. Once it’s completed, select the language and go to access the advanced options from the list.


6 thoughts on “How to boot Surface Pro/RT into Recovery mode

  1. You could be a little more clear with this procedure. First of all are you talking about the volume down rocker switch or the volume down key on the keyboard? How do you create a recovery device with the USB drive? Should it be bootable? Should it contain a program you can use to recover your drive? Other?

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  3. I mean, the directions are vague but if you have any technical experience, it’s enough to figure it out. I looked at this post and fixed my surface.

  4. The instructions are complete. A Surface Pro does not have a keyboard, so the rocker switch is on the tablet itself. I can’t remember if it is the + or – side you need to hold down, but if one doesn’t work, the other will. The recovery program creates the USB – it does all of the formatting, so doesn’t matter what state its in when you start. Really, just read the instructions and follow them!

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