FAT32 Format Large External Hard Drive in Windows 8

Q: I have a 1 TB MyBook external hard drive. It is an Apple device and also large USB hard drive. I don’t would like to use the overly forced-upon NTFS format, and want to format it to FAT32 on Windows 8 computer. But Windows 8 only supports NTFS and exFAT. I find that most FAT32 apps only format up to 32GB. Is there a way to solve the problem?

A: I also need to Format 1 TB Samsung hard drive to FAT32 on Windwos 8 Pro. A software fat32formatter made by TOKIWA offers a way to format any size drive larger than 32GB to FAT32. It works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. You can set and delete partitions without installation or DLLs file.


3 thoughts on “FAT32 Format Large External Hard Drive in Windows 8

  1. Just use exFAT. It’s fully supported in Windows and OSX, and most other devices (Linux systems will need FUSE). It has larger file sizes than FAT32 as well, so it’s a better option for large drives.

  2. There’s unfortunately a reason to use FAT32 as opposed to exFAT. I’m setting up a 2TB drive that I’d like to access wirelessly through an airport extreme that only supports FAT32 and HFS+.

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