Copy and Paste Text on Surface Pro/RT

Sometime you need to copy and paste text between apps on Microsoft Surface Pro/RT tablet. It is easy to do that with the keyboard/mouse or from touch screen.

How to Copy and Paste Text on Surface Pro/RT
* If you want to copy the text from IE 10 to other app,
For Touch: Press and hold the first word of text to start, then a circle icon will show up. Now highlight the text to its last words by moving your finger. Tap the text and select “Copy”.
For keyboard of type cover: Highlight the text from begin to the end, and right-click to choose Copy box.
* Open anther app to paste it.
Mail app: tap and hold anywhere to bring up a tool bar at the bottom, and touch “Paste”.
Office Word/Excel 2013: Click/Tap on Paste button from menu bar. Or use mouse to get the same menu like doing on computer.

One thought on “Copy and Paste Text on Surface Pro/RT

  1. I tried this. It doesn’t work when I try to copy a very long email address from an email message. Nothing happens: The little circle does. not appear, and there is no indication showing what I can do

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