Boot Failure: a proper digital signature was not found

I have got a Toshiba laptop running Windows 8 Pro. When I try to do windows updates and restart the system, I get the error message “Boot Failure: a proper digital signature was not found. One of the files on the select boot device was rejected by the Secure Boot feature.” and stuck on there. Now I am unable to boot to the desktop. I don’t have Windows 8 installation or recovery disc. How can I fix the issues?

You need to turn off “secure boot” feature in the bios to solve the issue.
* Power up your computer and press the DELETE key from keyboard during the initial boot processing.
* While you are in the motherboard’s UEFI firmware settings, click/tap on “Security” menu, select Secure Boot option and press Enter to disable it.
* Click on the Exit menu > Save Changes and Exit to reboot Windows 8 Pro.

Update:If you get “Your PC needs to be repaired” error message after doing above steps, try these tips:
* Disconnecting all peripheral devices except keyboard and mouse.
* Use a Windows 8 Recovery Media to Boot up, go to Trouble Shoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt, and run the following commands:
bootrec /scanos
bootrec /rebuildbcd
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot

Then reboot the PC to check if that fix the issues.


5 thoughts on “Boot Failure: a proper digital signature was not found

  1. Same problem here. And it’s not “Delete” that should be pressed during attempted startup, it is the “F2″ key (at least on my machine). Anyway, once in the Setup Utility I went to the “Security” tab and disabled the “Secure Boot”. I then shut the thing down and tried to re-start…and received the “PC needs to be repaired” screen. The laptop came without recovery media (installation disk), so I guess my next option is to bring it back to the store. Sucks.

  2. the problem really is in the bios, it is necessary to return the product, enter the bios, go to safe mode security (can not remember very well if you deactivate or activate) then click Advanced and disable the UEFI and ready.
    I hope the nurse helped.
    if so to enjoy!
    PS: sorry for the horrors spelling, as it is not my language and I’m using the google translator

  3. such! It seems toshiba is not getting this window 8 wright at all. Unable to boot my computer. Less than 3month of purchase. Worst part been that it was sent to me from US. Boot failure of a thing during window update. Pressed hold zero key still nothing. Now i begin to hate toshiba product. Suck.

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