How to fix Surface Won’t Turn On and not response

I had been playing video games and surfing the website of the internet on my Surface RT for two hours. However, it shutted itself down completely with 30% battery left. Today when I attached the soft type cover and press the power button to turn it on, Surface won’t turn on and not response at all. Then I putted it to charge for about 20 minutes, but it is still not working with black screen. Trying the method by resetting the system to factory settings and then it stuck in sleep mode and ran into the same state. Any way to resolve the problem?

Many users have reported that they got several errors and critical errors while using the Surface RT, Pro/Book device, and then the tablet cna not be power on anymore.
How to fix Surface Won’t Turn On and not response issues
* First attach the Power Supply to the Surface rt/Pro tablet by this way.
Pressing and holding the power button for about 10 seconds, then release it if the device boots up.
* If it is still not working, repeat the processing or return it to replace it.

According to the comments below, you could try those tips to get rid of the issues with the tablet. That also supports for Nokia 920 phone.
* Hold the the power button and the volume Up button at the same time for at lest 20 senconds.
* Or you could disconnect the battery and reconnecte it, then press voloume and on-off switch to check if it is fine.

However, if your machine is still under the warranty and it seems to behareware problem, you’d better make a replacement.


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  1. My Surface tablet (new – less than a month old) will not turn on. I have tried the solution above.

    • The two-button hard reboot worked and I tried normal shut down and startup several times and that seems OK now. But the unit is off and I’ll try to restart in the morning.

      Boy, that’s the difference between MS and Apple. Apple would never have these issues.

  2. Ensure the power indicator light is lit. This light is lit when the adaptor is connected to an active power source and the connector is properly connected to the Surface. My surface would not boot and I noticed the power indicator was not lit. I happen to have a second Surface. When I swapped adaptors the indicator lit and the machine began charging. I’ll have to investigate the issue with my adaptor.

      • Strangely coincidental. My Surface wouldn’t boot last night. Only a white ring with an empty battery indicator showed when attempting to power on. I found you suggestion within hours of your posting and now my Surface is back up and running (and showing a full battery charge). Thank you for your timely post.

        • Up volume button and power button worked for me too! Life saver thank you!!! xx

          • Thankyou mine wouldn’t turn on after password put in,,, just went blank,, the power and volume button worked for me,, thankyou,, I do. Love my surface pro

      • Brilliant – worked for me too! I’ve had this issue for a long time and truthfully it got me into the habit of just lugging my laptop around. Thanks for the fix!

    • Worked for me too, thank you! Thought I was going to have to take it to the shop :-)

  3. I got my Surface tablet seven days ago. Now, it wont charge although the green power light is on. This has not happened before

    • I had the same problem with the table not charging after a week or so. I returned it to best buy for another one and after a few weeks I have this problem where it won’t turn on……

      I give up on this product.

  4. Same here. Surface tablet would not power on after I shut it down. Triedd the above but no luck so far….

  5. I got my windows 8 surface Tablet in Dec. 2013. In January I had the problem where I could not get my tablet to power on. I thought it had to do with the fact that I had accidently used it till it ran out of battery. I charged it, but that still didn’t power it on. A week or so later when I sent it to my brother to take it back to the store – he looked at it before taking it to the store and said ‘it just had no battery’. Well, I HAD charged it and the charge light HAD worked. However now again in March after shutting it down properly at about 50% power left it won’t power up for me. This is the second time this has happened. I think its a faulty machine or faulty design of the series.

  6. i bought the surface RT and it woundn’t turn on straight from the box, i charged it overnight and it still dead, the white LED light shows its charging but thats just about it

    • This might not be sent because I don’t know what the “website” means, but I will get this straight with you now if I can. I have bought 2 Surface 2′s in the last 2 months. Neither has lasted longer than 30 minutes. The one I have now lasted no time straight out of the box and straight from Microsoft. My Surface 2 has never turned itself on after an overnight charging. You should stick to making software and stay out of the real mechanics of this industry. I don’t know if I can return my machine, but you will be hearing from someone representing me shortly. I don’t spend money on garbage most of the time, but I surely did this time. May this come back to bite you all in the tail. Most sincerely, Susan Stagg, a most unhappy former customer

  7. I also have a Surface Pro. I shut it down the other day, tried to turn it on, will not turn on, charger ok, have tried it with my Kindle. OK. Light does not come on when power supply connected to Surface. Must B defective Surface. Friend that gave it to me as a gift will have to be contacted in London to see what the next move is. Not very impressed at all with device. Have had laptops for the last 14 years & no problems like this. Good device when working. Have had this device for approx 3 weeks.

  8. Ok after a few more tries of Holding down the volume and the power button I got it to turn on (surface pro 2).

    But I am still going to return it. Since this is my second new one in one month (first one wouldn’t charge) I’m not liking the track record of the product and fear what will happen if I get past the 1-2 month return time table.

    I’ll have to look for another windows tablet/laptop

  9. I did the volume button and power button at the same time and it did start. I do like my tablet but would not recommend it after spending a day trying to get ano answer from Microsoft.

  10. My tablet will not charge. I have plugged it in and tried both holding the up and power buttons and just the power and neither worked.

  11. I got a windows tablet for Christmas. It isn’t the second one. anyways its been working since then up until about a week ago. I tried to turn it on, and the surface logo came up for like one second and then it went back to blank. I was charging it for like 2 days, and its been like this for a while. I tried the volume up and power button but that didn’t work. Could someone else help me out?

  12. my surface is frozen on the word “Surface” with white letters and black background. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  13. My surface tablet don’t let me turn down the volume. I haven’t touched it since two days ago and now I can’t turn down my volume!

  14. I Also have the same problem as James. My surface rt bas been frozen on the words microsoft and it all started in early june. I haven’t gotten round to it since then. The screen stays like that forever it starts to heat up and Nevers shuts down no matter how much battery is left. I need urgent help. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.

  15. got mine last december and it just decided to not turn on this week. I don’t have a warranty and this really stinks! nothing is working

  16. My surface RT stop working while I was using it, I try to turn it back on and nothing, I try charging it and nothing I try that the 10-1-1-1 nothing I try the volume up and power button at the same time and nothing I try a different charger and nothing. What else I can do?

    • You need to hold the volume up button longer approx. 20 sec. Then release both buttons and immediately tap the power button once..

  17. where do I go with my Surface??? I tried the volume up button and everything else it told me to do and it still will NOT go on. I received it as a gift from my husband for Christmas 2013, In Sept. 2014 it quit working. What am I supposed to do with it.? So far I have been able to use other peoples tablets but for what he paid for this it should work for more than ten months.what can I do

  18. One day I was playing soccer on my Surface RT and then it stopped letting me use the Surface as a tablet. Now I have to use it as a pc/laptop and I hate it. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  19. I’m apparently clueless as to what is the “up volume” on the Surface RT. I know it’s not F1 as that appears to be the mute button. Is it F2, F3 or F4?

    • Well, after trying F2, F3 & F4, one of them worked and it’s now up and running. Weird! Never had this issue before. Thanks to all the posts for the suggestion. Never would have figured!

  20. Finally, after having a dead Surface RT for about 9 months, it’s finally alive again! I thought I’d tried every trick mentioned (previously the hold power for 10 seconds then repeatedly press the on/off button had worked) so had pretty much given up hope. Thought I’d try again and the following worked (though not on the first attempt):

    Hold down volume up and on/off switch for 20s, then release and press on/off button once, immediately.

  21. Please help! had my surface for only a year and did an update 4 months ago and hasn’t turned on since! ive try ever solution on here and still wont turn on. what to do ??

  22. I bought a surface RT 18 months ago.Same problems as others with no power and not being able to switch on .
    I have tried everything mentioned, so is there anything else i can do and would microsoft help in any way?

  23. I don’t believe it. My machine was down for two or three weeks. Would not turn on. Thought of taking to shop. Looked online to give a last attempt to what ever. Found this site, tried pressing voloume and on-off switch thing and it works!!!!!! I don’t know what happen but it WORKED, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. HELP!! My surface is barely a year old and it will not turn on. I was using it when it just went blank. I have tried all the power button holds, the volume holds, still nothing please help.

  25. I got my surface tablet when they first came out, now according to my local Microsoft Store my machine has turned into a piece of junk with no support from Microsoft.
    Is the Microsoft tablet going to go the way of the US auto industry with a built-in expiration date, according to all the complaints I see here it seems so.
    I’ve tried the volume up with the on/off button with no success but will continue to try.
    I’ve purchased a Galexy tablet an am abandoning all surface machines forever!

  26. Took it apart disconnected and reconnected the battery and like magic IT WORKS. THANKS SO MUCH!

  27. That was scary. My Surface Pro 2 froze while watching a movie. Tried to X out with out luck. Then did Crtl-Alt-Del and it all went black…no prompt screen as you would have expected. It was then that I could not turn it back on. Learned about the double reboot (Volume up + Power) and it came back up. Wow. I was not expecting that.

  28. I have had my surface pro 3 for a little over so year, I love it and I use it for everything. But today I was playing and game and had to go eat, so I just shut the computer and walked away about an hour later after eating I came back expecting to play my game again but was surprised by a black screen. I thought maybe it died? I plugged it in and it still wouldn’t turn on, I’ve tried the power button and volume button reset I’ve follow what it says on the Microsoft website and nothing is working and I really don’t want to get a new surface pro 3 because I have pictures and files on mine that I want to keep. Can someone please help!!?!?


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