Does Surface RT/Pro support WiDi

WiDi (Intel Wireless Display) is a wireless display standard using the existing Wi-Fi. WiDi allows you to connect your laptop to TV wirelessly for watching video/photo in full HD. I want to buy a microsoft Surface RT tablet and I am wondering if Surface RT or Pro has WiDi capability.

Surface Windows RT runs a Tegra ARM processor and does not have the specs to support WiDi. WiDi System requirements for the Intel Wireless Display.

Surface Pro (Windows 8) runs an Intel Core i5 processor and doesn’t have WiDi Capability and Miracast. This feature support will be provided by Intel.


5 thoughts on “Does Surface RT/Pro support WiDi

  1. Then why does my Surface RT detect my Belkin Widi receiver. And even my Belkin detects the tablet trying to connect and offers me a passcode. Even the tablet goes to the second of three stages (detect, verify password, connect) and I insert the passcode the belkin provides on screen but then nothing times out

  2. I don’t know why everyone keeps insisting that WiDi doesn’t work on the original Surface Pro. I have the original and I’ve used it quite a few times… both in playing only videos and mirroring the screen.

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