Can I turn off automatic updates on Windows RT

I am able to choose which updates to installed on Windows 7 computer. However, when I go to PC Settings > Windows Update from start screen on my Surface Rt, I couldn’t disable or turn off automatic updates and check for optional software updates and firmware updates for the hardware to install. How can I do that on the tablet?

No, you can’t. To make Surface RT more secure, microsoft have setup all updates to download and install automatically through Windows Update when it is connect to internet. So the Windows Update, Windows Defender, and Windows Firewall are all up-to–date.

In a word, it is no way to turn off automatic updates on Windows RT OS, including Windows 8.1 RT. You’d better go to use the tablet device running Windows 10/8 Pro, like the Surface Pro device.

You could try the method to Modify some key in regedit editor for disabling the feature.
* Press Win + R from your type cover or keyboard, input regedit and press Enter.
* Within the left pane of regedit editor, navigate to the tree below:


* Select the WindowsUpdate key and go to its right side pane, doubel click on Auto Update key, change its value data from 0 to 1, and clcik Apply > OK button.
* Then reboot the system to apply all changes.


29 thoughts on “Can I turn off automatic updates on Windows RT

  1. Horrible of them to disable this option, for advanced IT users who need to do this. I am trying to disable the Windows Update service.

    • I was able to disable update on a surface RT. Right click start icon on task bar, select computer management, then select Services and Applications. Now in the preview pane select Services. scroll down to Windows Update and select it. Now in the upper left of the preview pane is the option to turn off this service. That’s it.

      • He was right about Registry Editing these options. I used Regedit to change some keys and it worked. I changed AUOption to a value of 2. Now I manually select updates and install them instead of all being in automatic mode. Follow this website if you want to learn how.


  2. Why turn it off? Because it provides no notice that it is updating so you have no way of knowing if the horrible performance is due to yet another update (how many times per day?) or due to yet another wireless failure or due to yet another RT/IE failure. I wish I had never gotten this piece of junk.

    • I would like to add one more issue that has escalated to a costly problem. what if you are a Road Warrior and travel a lot for a living and depend on Verizon Hot spot for your internet and are only allotted a certain amount of data usage for the month? My Microsoft Surface updates itself without giving me any option whatsoever. I nearly went over my data usage last month due to this updates. did Microsoft think about this before they made the decision to not allowing the end user to change the setting. I later found a way to turn off Automatic updates.

    • Well…I am this far happy with the RT platform. This is the first time I was disappointed with Microsoft ie…turning off the auto updating because of the latest scuttlebutt about privacy intrusion. Thanks to this forum help I can now checks if each update might carry with it privacy changes I do not like…I guess I am still a bit disappointed…

  3. Rediculous .

    The vivotab firware has issues. It causes ghost touches on my touch screen.
    So now I go to disable the touch screen to use it like a laptop. Oh , you cant disable touchscreen on RT. only possible in Windows 8.
    So now I try to stop automatic update . Oh , I cant do it either. Even if I deselect that particular firware update , it come back again automatically and installs. Back to broken screen.

  4. Control panel\Administrative Tools\Services\Windows Update
    It’s all there covered by that hideous Metro UI, no need for registry hacks.

  5. I think you can. I tried it by
    pressing windows key+r and typing services.msc in
    in the opening window find windows update option and right click on it and choose STOP option
    then right click again and go to properties. there you should change the starting type of the service to DEACTIVATED.

    Now when I go to the normal Update options it doesn’t say anymore that Updates will be automatically done :)
    I haven’t tested, if the service will restart, when I restart the device though. And of course, if you want it to search for updates, you have to set the starting type back again, or start it by yourself.

  6. Updates kill and slows down your computer over time so they can keep selling you there crap over and over again search ” PLANNED OBLESSENCE”

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I’ve spent forever trying to shut this off and was stone walled every time.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. I already lost most of my saved files after automatic updates. I want to able to choose whether I want to update or not.

  9. it seems whenever I want to use the tablet to watch something it will try to reboot. and it happened so often,. Why can they just push an update every 6 month?

  10. Regedit
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update
    Right Mouse click –> Modify
    Set Value = 1

  11. Easier and safer than editing the registry, just hit Window Key + R and type “services.msc” (without the quotes) scroll to the bottom of the list and find Windows Update. Double click on that and hit the Stop button. Then in the drop down set its start up type to disabled.

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