Bluetooth/USB GPS receiver for Surface RT

I have my Windows phone for mapping, but it is on small screen. Microsoft Surface RT is lacks of GPS and I am looking at getting TomTom on my iPhone 3G S, so I want to add external GPS to Surface via gps module, such as Bluetooth or USB GPS receiver. Should I also need special software at the same time if possible?

I have just picked up a TomTom Bluetooth GPS receiver, the GPS functionality doesn’t work and can’t seem to pair with it. I have a Holux GPSlim236 that I used to use with my psp and order Garmin’s GLO from Amazon, I will try it with my Surface tablet.


4 thoughts on “Bluetooth/USB GPS receiver for Surface RT

  1. Hi, did you manage to get GPS working on your Surface RT? I am trying to do the same thing, via either USB or Bluetooth. Trying to find out if any devices will work. Trying to get info from MS is impossible. Thanks.

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