Cannot uninstall/reinstall Apps within store

My surface rt runs slowly so I refresh it and lose every apps, so I go to re-install them. Within the Windows Store app, I could see all purchased and free apps in the lists. When I try to install each of them, many apps hangs and stuck “installing” screen for 10 hours and nothing happens. Now I really need to access to these. How can I get it working again? Continue reading

How to find software or device compatibility with Windows 8

If you use some softwares regularly on your PC computer and want to upgrade it to Windows 8 pro system, you’d better go to find software or device compatibility with Win8 fisrt. Because something are not working on the new OS. If you fail to do that, you need to rebuild with XP orWindows 7 and re-install apps. Continue reading

Lync for Windows 8/RT download

Microsoft Lync is an office communication messenger application for business, even integrated with Exchange and SharePoint software. With this platform, users can easily get IM chat, video conferencing and VOIP functionality to colleagues. Now the Lync client application for Windows 8 and Windows RT has been released in app store. Continue reading

How to open regedit Registry Editor in Windows 8 Pro

The Microsoft regedit.exe Registry Editor contains many information and allows user to view and change system settings. Windows 8 comes with Metro UI Start Screen and desktop mode, but lack of a proper start menu. Here is a guide on how to open and run regedit (Registry Editor) in Windows 8 RT/pro. Continue reading

How To Map Network Skydrive Folder on Windows RT

Unlike Windows 8 Pro version, Surface rt only runs limitation programs in desktop mode, such as the File Browser, Microsoft Office 2013, and Calculator. If you have Microsoft SkyDrive account and want to access things, you have to do that through SkyDrive’s web page. However, here is workgroup about how to map Network Skydrive folder on Surface Windows RT. Continue reading

Connected Wifi network not working glitch

Some users have got the Microsoft Surface RT Wi-Fi connectivity glitch over time. The problem only happens on the tablet but not other wireless devices like Windows 7 phone and blackberry. My router has a strong signal with 20Mbps speed. After the surface connects to wifi network successfully, the connection works slowly and takes 45 minutes to load a Wikipedia webpage, and can’t access app store. How can I fix wifi not working issues? Continue reading