Does silverlight work on IE 10 in RT

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful development tool and available as a plug-in for web browsers on Windows and Mac OS. It is similar to those of Adobe Flash that works fine on my Surface RT tablet. When I try to play video powered by Silverlight 5 in many websites like Comcast on IE 10, it doesn’t work at all. How can I get it working?

Internet Explorer 10 in Surface Windows RT doesn’t support any browser add-ons like Silverlight, so it is no way to add it into Windows RT unless add it as programs through the Windows Store.

This is really a particular frustration. Microsoft want to control applications through Store, so it lose the flexibility. Hope they comeback Silverlight feature.

As a Microsoft program, you can not still run Microsoft Silverlight under RT 8.1. Becasue Internet Explorer 11 in Windows RT 8.1 does not support any browser add-ons and it is also not available in the Windows Store.. So it is not way to view business related video.

Another way to resolve the problem is to buy a Surface Pro. After upgrading it to Windows 10 Pro, it is easy to get Microsoft Silverlight for watch Comcast and other videos from internet.
* The built-in Microsoft Edge finally gets add-ons and you can install the related extensions in browser, as well as the Internet Explorer also offers the option for that.
* Mozilla Firefox is compatible with NPAPI plug-ins, but prevents Silverlight plug-ins from running automatically. Just click on the Allow Now button to run it.


12 thoughts on “Does silverlight work on IE 10 in RT

  1. Unacceptable. Purchased this as a bridge between a laptop and tablet. This is a very limiting compatibility issue. There needs to be some solution developed for this. Seriously considering returning.

    Ps. Put the @ symbol on the main keyboard page – need that there more than the smiley face.

  2. Very sad that this is missing. Their own product does not work.

    No wonder the reviews have been so lukewarm.

    I think they have cheated the RT purchasers with the lack of functionality for the same price as a top notch IPad.

    • I must say i agree with you, i was determined to love this, but i keep hitting walls like this. Very frustrating, esp when you put out extra money to get something really nice.

    • Except the Ipad cant even get on the full mobile browser or play flash for the same price. Tablets by their very function are limited.

      But no support for flash or full web sites on the Ipad. If you need functionality you should get a full computer.

  3. BT sport just launched. Requires Silverlight to run. Just signed up to a years contract to watch on line via my surface. Very disappointed. Surface cost and now bt tv set up and contract cost wasted. Remind me to invest in stocks and shares next time. Slower rate of loss.

  4. Hey Stuart, I just did the exact same thing as you as regards bt sport. I’m sure what they have done is illegal. It’s like buying a car only to discover the windows don’t go down! Ridiculous

  5. Hi, I am a teacher and bought the surface so that I can work more effectively with my students. I have found that the gradebook will not open on the surface. I am not interested in buying an iPad but the powerschool app is available for iPad, not for windows. I have unfortunately been disappointed by this and the Silverlight issue. I also cannot play some of my favorite games. I tell people all the time that Microsoft is better, but its getting harder to be confident about it.

  6. Yup. One of the most disappointing products I’ve ever had the misfortune to buy. I cant access work systems because i can’t use our vpn. I cant stream vids. I refuse to accept that this is because ‘tablets are limited’. This bit of kit cost more than my laptop and does way less than my phone. Would have returned it if i could .

  7. Surface2. What a pup!!!!!!!
    Can’t download Silverlight
    So can’t watch bt sport
    Can’t watch sky go
    Can’t download software that I need for my business
    All which I run on my windows 7 laptop and my HP all in one desktop running 8.1
    What’s going on Microsoft??

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