Perform a Hard Reset Surface tablet

If your Surface tablet keeps freezing up or is acting unresponsive, it’s time to reset the device.

How To Perform a Hard Reset Surface tablet
* Hovering over the bottom right hand corner of the screen to open the Charms menu.
* Tap Settings and select More PC Settings. In PC setting, tap General.
* On the right right´╝î tap on “Get start” button under either “Refresh without affecting your files” or “Reset and start over”.

3 thoughts on “Perform a Hard Reset Surface tablet

  1. totally pissed with this product. has not been easy to use. now it wont do anything. nothing at all. guess i have to take it back to best buy. maybe they will keep it

  2. Sorry I bought this. Nothing but trouble trying to set up my g-mail account. Keeps asking for passwords and telling me to change them, then none of them work. Lost the pen 3 days after I got the tablet. No place to keep it on the tablet and it got misplaced and/or thrown away. $50 for a new pen!!! Tablet should have a slot to keep the pen in. I don’t want ANY passwords, as I am the only one using this tablet. It won’t let me do anything without giving them my Microsoft Account Password, What worked before no longer works, asks me to keep changing it, and, when I do, it doesn’t work anyway. Am going to set it back to factory default and start all over. If that doesn’t work, it’s going back to Best Buy and I’m going to get something else.

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