No Outlook for Surface Windows RT

Surface RT is running Windows RT, but this version does not come with Outlook. Microsoft haven’t developed a different type of ARM processor for Outlook, so there is no an Outlook app that is compatible with Windows RT. To access your Outlook on the tablet, you need to use the built-in Mail app or other 3rd party email apps from store.

Another different versions is the Surface Pro. It does run a regular version of Windows 8 system. Users are able to install Outlook, Office suite and other softwares.

Updates: There is a workaround for fixing the problem using
Link:Setup POP3 Email with Windows 8 Mail Using
News: You can also try the TouchDown Outlook-Exchange mail app to setup outlook on Windows RT.


5 thoughts on “No Outlook for Surface Windows RT

  1. guys — really? Outlook is the mail platform for enterprise mail and you create a surface that doesn’t use it… who was out to lunch when that vote was taken?

  2. The email app on the Srface supports Exchange servers and is similar to the in functionality. I have the surface actively synched through a vpn to our exchange server. The main issue was sorting out the certificate problem which is now well documented.

  3. Big Problem for me I use outlook for all my business pop and exchange serveur
    who at Microsoft thing to leave us without outlook office ?
    I have to return the surface to bad for Microsoft they loose good customer.


    G Klein

  4. Seems to me that the Surface RT was a rush job by Microsoft just to grab consumers money before Christmas. I waited for the Surface RT to be available rather than buy the iPad. Now wish I bought the iPad, at least Apple give people what they want, unlike Microsoft.

    Why did they not bring the RT & PRO out at the same time and why is the PRO so expensive? Because some mug will buy it.

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