How to use calculator app in Windows 8 from Surface

The built-in Calculator app is a most used Windows 8 application with basic function and useful for somebody who need to calculation on the Surface tablet. This is a new Modern Calculator app offers the almost features similar to old Windows 7 Calculator, while allows you to resize to square, horizontal or vertical shapes. Here are some usefl tips to get working with it.

How to Open the Calculator app With Shortcut in Windows 8 on Surface
* Swipe your finger from left corner to right, and choose “Search” in Charms Bar.
* Type “Calculator” in the box and tap “Apps” from the bottom. The app will appear in the result.
* Tap and hold on Calculator, and tap on “Pin to Start” in the bottom options bar. Now you can run Calculator from Start screen.

If you get the Surface Pro tablet pre-installed the Windows 10, try other method to access the app.
* From your desktop, tap or click on the Windows button at the left-bottom corner.
* Within the Start menu, open the Calculator under all apps.
* You can also Type Calculator in the search bar on taskbar, and choose the top one from results.

How to use the Calculator app in Windows 10/8
Tap or click on the Hamburger menu on the top left corner to get the dropdown menu:
* Standard: additions, subtractions, divisions, multiplications, square roots, percentages and fractions.
* Scientific: perform SIN, COS and TAN, Trigonometric functions and more. This is useful for the high school student.
* Programmer: help programmers deal with binary, decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal calculations,
* Converter: Volume, Length, Weight, Data and Pressure.


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