How to Turn Airplane Mode On/Off on Surface

Airplane mode disables all wireless network connections ( including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G network) on your surface tablet completely. You can use this feature on an airplane, or in an area with roaming charges. Then use your Surface to listen to music and play game without a wireless network.

How to Turn Airplane Mode On or Off in Surface tablet
* Pull your finger from the bezel on the right side of a tablet to the left a little bit. This will bring up the Windows 8 Charms bar.
* Tap Settings > your wireless network icon.
* At the top of the Charms bar under Airplane mode, move the slider right or left to turn it on or off.

3 thoughts on “How to Turn Airplane Mode On/Off on Surface

  1. I set my android 7 tablet on airplane mode while turning it off and now the screen is just flashing off and on, w hat can I do?

  2. This is not working. It seems to be locked on the ‘on’ position. Nothing I do will turn off flight mode. Please help.

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